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Some weird ways to get fit

Don’t trust those fancy exercise machines at state fairs

During the summer, there are numerous local, regional, state and other fairs that spring up around the country. And in many of these fairs, there are often new and flashy exercise devices that promise rapid and radical fitness results or weight reduction or other miraculous health benefits. These typically use a combination of technology and electronic pulses or vibrations in order to stimulate muscles or to emulate / replace alternate forms of cardiovascular workouts. Do some of these devices actually work? Well the short answer is “Yes, some do.” But an alternate and more logical answer could be “No, most do not.” Rather than focus on the specific new gadgets and technical gear, we sought instead to find out the top workout or fitness trends for 2017. But having looked at dozens of websites, we see or find dozens of lists, each created for or based on the specific target audience of the site or core service being offered.

10 weird work outs that work

So rather than cite or list or consolidate all of these disparate and contrasting sources, we instead sought to source something a bit more interesting. And with that in mind, we found a great site featuring 10 Weird Workouts. Now we do not have the equipment to try each of these tasks or processes, but we would recommend that you look at the article itself if you are interested. To help reduce the suspense and to enable you to assess the content, here in the sequence are the specific weird workouts which the clever authors include or reference. Check them out and then click on the embedded link. It would also be interesting to consider whether some of them could be combined. If so, this would yield 45 interesting or hybrid workout combinations.

Dancing exercises are hot, hot, hot

Many of them incorporate some type of dance or acrobatics into the routines. I personally am going to definitely try the High Heel Workout since I’ve always admired how professional dancers can do so much in high heels without falling. On another note, what was once trendy (like aerobics) may not be so ‘hip’ this year. For 2018, we may find that Punk Rock Hula Workouts are suddenly popular, though some others may be dubious indeed. Who knows, maybe one of these may inspire you to try out for Cirque de Soleil (like the Circus Workouts) or get into professional dancing yourself (check out the X-Rated Workouts).

Tell us which ones are your favorites!

We will leave it up to you to decide which one is best for you. And if anyone has tried any of them, we’d love to hear all about your adventures on our Instagram page @freshlinecool

In the meantime, don’t let your inner thug get the best of you – a try a Thug Work out instead! Keep well and don’t let your Dog Workout bite you in the bum. And don’t forget to spray FreshLine to cool off after whatever strange and weird workout you decide to try.

  1. Dog Workouts
  2. Yoga Fusion Workouts
  3. Punk Rock Workouts
  4. Pogo and Trampoline Workouts
  5. Hula Workouts
  6. Thug Workout
  7. High Heel Workout
  8. Karaoke Workouts
  9. Circus Workouts
  10. X-Rated Workouts