Simple Fix For Smelly Feet

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September 2, 2016
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September 8, 2016
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Simple fix for smelly feet

Simple fix for smelly feet

Do You Know the Simple fix for Smelly Feet?

Feet and Odor

I can’t think of a faster way to clear the room than a welder coming home from work and removing his work boots. Sweaty feet are a common problem and despite this it’s still embarrassing when you remove your shoes and a less than a pleasant odor fills the room. Well the process is pretty simple. Unlike sweat from our skin or armpits, from the foot they cannot evaporate normally. If they don’t evaporate, bacteria acts on them to produce smelly fatty acids. In severe cases, these warm, moist environments encourage the growth of fungi that can cause athlete’s food, and as you guessed it, it smells.

Smelly Feet Athletes

This is particularly horrible for athletes as they are constantly working out for a living. Unless you are a swimmer or ballerina, it’s hard to lack a professional athlete without workout shoes. Therefore, with basic math and logical thought process, it’s most likely that they are the most affected by sweaty feet. They should therefore take extraordinary measures when it comes to keeping their feet clean and fresh.

Stinky feet are a sign of active bacteria in the feet. As discussed earlier, with a large concentration of such, feet infections such as athletes’ foot and fungi are increased. Severe cases of such can lead to foot aches, pains and reduced performance. Therefore, for high performance athletes, a simple, smelly foot could go as far as damaging your career all in all. Not so funny now, huh?

However, this is no easy task. One cannot simply just hold in the sweat or dehydrate themselves to prevent sweating. Therefore, what can be done to assist? Athletic products from all over the world have taken extraordinary measures to ensure they have the easiest workout without the stress of smelly feet.

Is There a Fix That Works?

Of course, there is a simple fix for smelly feet, otherwise the world would be one large foot stink. There is no one quick simple fix for smelly feet, it’s a progressive kind of cure:

  • Just like Jesus, wash your feet. It all starts with a clean foot, and just rinsing them off the shower isn’t good enough. Go for a pedicure once in a while. Avoid deodorant soaps as they just mask the odor preventing you from actually solving the problem.
  • Your feet are clean, dry them well. A moist or damp environment is the breeding grounds for these bacteria. You can add some baby powder to ensure they are in fact dry, and stay that way.
  • If you have developed a disease or infection, consider getting medicated creams to contain the infection and prevent further deterioration.
  • Mind your footwear. In this age, all designs are made to make life a lot better. Therefore, from store to store, you will find an unlimited supply of sport shoes with ventilation provisions. Socks have further been designed with material blends that are super absorbent like cotton blends, to ensure your feet are at all times dry.
  • Finally, avoid the sockless trend. There are ankle socks and even smaller ones that you can wear with your shoes. If you have to avid socks, avoid shoes all in all. Aerate your feet once in a while. That’s how it’s meant to be after all.
  • Use FreshFooties spray to get rid of your smelly feet during your long shifts and to make your feet clean and odor free.