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Feel refreshed without harmful toxins and aluminum compounds. Contains all the benefits of Amazon Superberry Vitamin-C rich Camu Camu, an all-natural deodorizer

Chemical Free
Total Body Cooling Deodorant
Minty-Woods Essential Oils
  • Immediate cooling
  • Kills odor-producing bacteria
  • Perfect solution for total body rejuvenation, deodorizing smelly shoes and smelly sports gear
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A Cooling Deodorizing Spray made with sustainable Camu Camu Amazon Superberries and soothing essential oils

Effective and Natural Foot and Body Spray
Aluminum Free
Camu Camu is a Vitamin-C rich superberry that is used world-wide for its positive skin benefits.
  • Non-staining – spray on anything
  • Eliminates odor-producing bacteria
  • Intense foot coolant and shoe deodorizer
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Enjoy all the benefits of Vitamin-C rich Camu Camu including skin brightening and protection against photo aging in every spray

Neutralizes odors instantly
Free from all artificial ingredients
Invigorating fragrance-free cooling sensation from head to toe
  • Deodorizes all naturally
  • Safe to spray on any body part
  • No artificial colors, dyes or fragrances