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Another day, another foot spray

Survival of the feetest!

Now that I am walking the Camino Frances, it is time to talk about the survival of one's feet. After all, without your feet you will find it difficult to get anywhere!

Many, in fact most, people who do long walks like the Camino just do not understand the importance of looking after the feet. They think that getting blisters (sometimes debilitating) is part of this sport.

I am here to tell you; it is not!

I have walked about 150 miles so far in the last 11 days. My feet are just like when I was home.

Why are my feet feeling so good? I have a ritual!

Because I look after my feet every day, all day.

In the morning, I slather Vaseline all over my feet and then put on fresh socks to keep them soft.

And then after every couple of hours, I rest my feet completely with my shoes and socks off.

When I am ready to go, it is a quick spray of FreshFooties and then a change into dry socks. Repeat as necessary.

And then every night, the drill is:

  1. Wash the feet
  2. Check the feet
  3. Massage the feet
  4. Keep the feet smiling!

Pay attention to what your feet and body are saying

Paying attention to any messages from your feet and body is very important as well. Any discomfort needs to be attended to - immediately. Getting rid of the backpack occasionally takes the extra pressure off the feet. If your back starts to ache – don’t push yourself. It is a long journey to get to the end of the road and it’s better to take frequent rests instead of straining yourself at the beginning, and then not making it to the end.

Pace yourself and enjoy the scenery

I still over 350 miles to go. And I am enjoying every minute of my European adventure. There are so many little places to visit along the way and the people you meet have a lot to share to. If I continue to look after my feet right (keeping them naturally fresh with FreshFooties), well who knows what else I’ll see and experience. Let's see if I can get to Santiago without one blister!

Buenos Camino Monty

Next Camino Trip

Monty Ritchings is walking his second Camino in 2 years. Read his other posts for more tips on how to take care of your feet and body during long walks on the Camino De Santiago and other parts of the world