How to keep active while working a desk job

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June 11, 2017
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June 25, 2017
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Have you ever taken a transoceanic flight and found yourself seated near the back of the plane? And while there, have you noticed that people come close to your seats and then hover or linger or lurk around you. Why is that?

Is it because you’re handsome or attractive? Maybe. Or is it because they are nervous about flying or some dude has taken off his socks and now the odor of smelly feet is lingering in their row? Possibly. Most likely it’s because they are restless and are wanting to stretch their legs before they fall asleep.

Sitting for too long is bad for your health

Because they are mindful of the health consequences of breathing dry recycled air in a cramped posture and getting dehydrated – some conditions that could hasten deep vein thrombosis or other medical problems – they are now wandering around the plane to stave off developing a nasty blood clot in their legs. They say that “sitting is the new smoking”, well it’s true! Sitting for too long can actually set your health back for years.

Why you should always stay moving at the office

But what happens when you or they return to work, particularly if you work in an urban office environment? Yes, almost all of the stressors of flight disappear, yet there are still some dangers. Some of these dangers arise due to the physical changes of our body when we’re seated. And if you are like many urban workers, you can be seated (or somewhat sedentary) for the majority of your time at work. If you resolve to remain or get healthy then when, where and how do you pursue these goals? How do you do it if you work long hours and face constant productivity pressures?

Turn your work station into a workout zone

Well, a practical solution is to do exercises. If it is not possible to leave your station, or you face other restrictions, you may have to improvise to initiate ergonomically safe exercises in your office or at your work station. One thing you can do is set up your work station so that you can spend a part of the day standing behind your computer instead of sitting behind it. Some offices have equipped their employees with desks that adjust up and down just for that reason. Such piece of furniture might be more expensive, but they can save employers thousands of dollars in health care costs in the long run.

Other useful exercises at work

Numerous articles have been written about the subject of exercising at work. Rather than borrow or reinvent the wheel, we have found three useful sources that will provide you with some guidance, and also help you work out easier and safer even if you find yourself in a compact space.

Happy exercising! And don’t forget to keep a bottle of your favorite FreshLine spray at your desk so that you can keep cool and naturally fresh when you’ve finished those 30 squats at the office gym.