On the Camino Trail with Monty

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September 16, 2017
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October 7, 2017
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On the Camino Trail with Monty

Day 1 - We made it to Santander, Spain!

Our friend Monty Ritchings has started his second journey on the Camino de Santiago - Camino Trail. We will check in with him from time to time as he makes progress on his exciting journey on the world famous Camino trail. Read more about what it's like to finally get to the Camino after an extended planning period.

And away we go!

It has been a very long haul getting to today but we are here! Preparing for this journey has been a multi layered process. It seems that just packing one’s bag is only the beginning! Taking 52 days out of the regular routine requires a mass of planning and putting actions into place. Forget to do a little thing at home and it can become a big issue very quickly when it rears it’s head.

Make sure the bills are paid and services to prepaid. Make sure the cat is looked after in its favourite cat hotel. Set up the tablet to stay in touch and make sure everyone can know where you are travelling in case of an emergency. When travelling for an extended period, more care needs to be taken and if you are on a moving trip such as walking the Camino every aspect of life has to be investigated with a magnifying glass. A simple issue of the trip like lack of availability of wi-fi can cause a great deal of concern for folks on both sides of the trip. There is such a great feeling of elevated confidence when one knows they are prepared. The relaxed mind is such a pleasure as the journey begins to unfold in the real world.

Now to sit back and enjoy!

Vancouver-Calgary-London-Santander. It is finally here!

See you along the trail my friends.

Buenos Camino